Advanced Interdisciplinary Art 


Interdisciplinary research in the interests of extending knowledge is one of the most important developments of our time. When this research involves the convergence of Art and Science, the relationships between them assume particular importance. In collaboration with a number of distinguished research scientists, Attilio Pierelli has been working in this field for over twenty years. The following are some of the works which testify to his envolvement: 
Piastra Inox (or cusp surface) 1965. The structure is concerned with singularity, and coincides with subsequent geometrical models illustrating  Renè Thom's Theory of Catastrophes
Hypercube is four dimensional space, completed in 1974 in collaboration with Giuseppe Arcidiacono and exhibited  at the Galleria dell'Obelisco as part of the De Mathematica exhibition.
Knots, topological sculptures, extremal surfaces, carried out in collaboration with  Franco Ghione and exhibited at the  "Triennale di Milano" in 1986;
T.E.S.T.(Traction of Events in Space-Time), 1985-86, was exhibited at the 42nd Biennale di Venezia, on the theme of Art and Science, and is intended for the Gallery of Modern Arts in Rome. In this case, Pierelli has based the form of the sculpture on the black holes discovered by the astrophysicist Remo Ruffini in the United States, and represented on a computer model by Ruffini and his team of research workers at Rome University. 

      On the basis of his own research and experience, Pierelli is committed to founding a new artistic movement:


  1. il DIMENSIONALISM aims to further the pursuit of knowledge wich began with the building of the Gothic cathedrals and flowered in fifteenth-century Italy.

  2. il DIMENSIONALISM  is an intellectual and artistic movement, intent on exploring beyond the barrier represented by three-dimensional space. In order to achieve this, it undertakes to review the principles and practice of Art. 

  3. The artist of the Dimensionalist Movement is primarily a man of intellect, engaged in investigating spatial dimensions beyond the third. His works, like those of other artists, are the product of intuition, but he also makes use of mathematical and scientific instruments.l

  4. All the while artists confined themselves to the exploration of three dimensional space as the one and only reality, there was no need to define, or re-define the term "dimension".

  5. Dimensionalist thought, wich involves the discovery and imaginative apprehension of hyperspaces and the investigation of the topological properties of geometrical figures, has inevitably broadened the concept of "dimension", enhancing its significance until has its own specific characteristics, differing from that understood by the term "three-dimensional". This because each hyperspace has its own specific chrateristics, differing from those coming before and after.

  6. Knowledge, or world view, (often inappropriately conflated in the word science) as the key to human evolution underlies the dimensionalist programme and acts as its essential driving force. 

  7. During the Renaissance and the Age of Humanism, the growth of knowledge was largelt the result of artistic practice. the first important scientific and aesthetic discoveries were made by artists, and in particular by Leonardo da Vinci who clearly outlined the path that future artists should follow in order to achieve a deliberate and satisfying fusion of cognitive-scientific analysis together with feeling and artistic intuition.nell'Umanesimo e nel Rinascimento la conoscenza si sviluppò in gran parte attraverso l'arte. Le prime importanti scoperte sia scientifiche che estetiche, vennero compiute dagli artisti; corona questo periodo Leonardo, che tracciò indelebilmente la via che nel futuro gli artisti "avrebbero dovuto" seguire per fondere sapientemente, e consapevolmente, l'analisi conoscitivo-scientifica con l'emozionalità e l'intuizione artistica.

Harriett BRISSON
Michele EMMER
Renato PEDIO
Tullio REGGE
Esperto in arti visuali - Roma
Musicista – Roma (I)
Professore di Matematica Superiore – Università di Perugia
Brown University Providence
Rhode Island School of Design Providence, RI, USA
Professore di Matematica, Università ‘La Sapienza’ – Roma (I)
Professore di Matematica, Uniroma 2 ‘Tor Vergata’ – Roma (I)
Dept.of Art and Art History, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, US
Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna – Roma (I)
Poeta e critico letterario – Roma (I)
Professore di Fisica, Università di Torino, Torino (I)
Professore di Astrofisica, Università ‘La Sapienza’, Roma (I)

are cordially invited together with artists, scientists, and experts, to take part in the founding of Dimensionalism, October 9th and 10th, 1987 

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